Filming Fees in Maple Ridge

Made in Maple Ridge

Affordable Film Production

Item Rate
Filming Permit Application (includes up to 6 locations) $208 per application
 - Additional Locations $52 per additional location
Municipal Street Use Fee
$150 per day
Business Licence (GST not included) $110 per year ($55 after October 1)
Municipal Staff Representative (outside of regular working hours) 2x current collective agreement rate
Parks Rentals $416 per day
Municipal Property $300 - $2000 per day
Prep & Wrap Days 50% of location fee
Special FX Permit (includes inspection) $104 per application


Item Rate
Equipment, Staff and Vehicles To be determined by RCMP

Fire Department

Item Rate
Fire Fighter in Turnout Gear $83 per hour
Fire Truck $300 per hour
Fire Truck with Crew (4 personnel with SCBA) $578 per hour

Electrical Permit (Gst Not Included | Valid for 180 Days of Issuance)

(Inspections outside normal work hours: Before 8:00 am, after 4:00 pm. Monday – Friday, Weekends & Statutory Holidays)
Location Rate
One Location
Two Location $210
Three Location $270
Four Location $300
Five Location $360
Six Location $420
Seven Location $480
Eight Location $540
Nine Location $600
Annual Permit Location (Unlimited Locations) $660
Additional Electrical Permit Fee $208