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Things You Need to Know for Recreation Camps 

Parks, Recreation & Culture is proud to offer our dynamic day camp and specialty camp programs. We strive to help you in your quest to find activities to keep your child engaged and active in a fun, safe and exciting environment. 

When registering for camp, ensure you print the applicable registration package and submit required forms on the first day of camp.
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Child Information Packages

All camps have a registration package that is required to be filled out by parent/guardian. Please note that some camps may have additional waiver forms that are required. View the Participant Waiver Forms

Child Support Packages

We encourage parents/guardians of children and youth with diversabilities to explore all our programming opportunities.  For more information on Recreation Access Supports including request for support worker, please view the Summer Program 2019: Request for Support Work Forms, call Petra Frederick at 604 467 7355 or email

Quality Supervision

Our staff to participant ratios reflects our commitment to safe, high-quality program supervision. Our regular camp ratio is one leader to twelve participants (1:12). The camp ratios for pre-school camps is one leader to eight participants (1:8). Our camp ratios are supplemented with support from responsible leadership volunteers.

Camp Leaders

Camp leaders are carefully selected based on their experience working with children, along with their display of enthusiasm, strong leadership skills and sound judgement. Qualifications for staff members include pre-camp training sessions, current Standard First Aid Certificate with CPR C and satisfactory Criminal Record Check (16 yrs and older).

Program Conduct and Goals

We aim to provide enjoyable activities in a safe and positive environment. Participants are expected to be courteous and respectful to all participants and staff, use non-offensive language at all times, support and appreciate each other, solve problems in a fair and peaceful manner, include others in their activity, and play without bullying or teasing others.

Play Fair

The goal of our camps is to ensure that all participants have a rewarding, memorable, safe and fun experience. Providing a safe environment is a collaborative process. We ask that parents/guardians talk to their children about the following camp guidelines:
  • respect others and their property
  • stay with your group
  • use appropriate language
  • ask for help when needed
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Daily Hellos!

To ensure the safe arrival and departure of all campers, caregivers will be met at the sign-in/out location to initial the attendance sheet. Older participants who have written permission from a parent/guardian to travel on their own will have their arrival time recorded. If someone other than the parent/guardian is picking up your child, please let the camp staff know in advance. Photo ID will be required at the time of pick up. If you know in advance that your child will be absent please notify the camp staff. Follow up phone calls will be made if a participant is absent and staff have not been notified. 

Please Note: it is important that participants arrive no later than 15 minutes after the start of the program.

Age Range for Camps

Each camp has specific age ranges to facilitate quality programming which are indicated in the program description. Every camper must meet these age requirements by the first day of the course, or they may be required to withdraw due to a lack of program compatibility. Please ensure that your children meet the listed requirements prior to registering for a course. Should you wish to discuss the suitability of a specific program for your child, please contact Jen Baillie at 604-466-4339.
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Shoe Smarts

Closed-toed s​hoes are a must! Sandals and croc-style sandals are not suitable for our outdoor and indoor adventures.

Sun Sense

Sunscreen should be brought daily and applied regularly. We encourage you to show your child how to properly apply sunscreen. Staff will remind participants throughout the day to reapply their own sunscreen. If indicated, staff may assist younger campers with sunscreen application.


Campers are required to bring their own lunch, snacks and extra drinks. Foods should not require refrigeration. We suggest a reusable water bottle (no glass please) so you can fuel up and have the energy to go, go, go! IMPORTANT: Due to the number of participants that have severe nut-related allergies, PEANUT BUTTER, NUTS AND ALL FOODS CONTAINING NUT BY-PRODUCTS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN CAMP.

Litter-less Lunches:

Please help us maintain the three R’s when packing your child(ren)’s lunches. Litter-less lunches are ideal, but not always possible. Check out our tips on reducing, reusing and recycling waste:
  • Pack lunch items with none or as little packaging as possible. Fresh nutritious snacks likes apples, pears, and oranges require no packaging.
  • Pack lunch items in reusable containers, rather than plastic disposable bags.
  • Try to use biodegradable packaging; Paper is biodegradable, plastic is not.
  • Choose items packaged in recyclable materials.

Location, Location, Location

Please note that locations are subject to change. Staff may walk the children to other locations in the community. Drop off/pick up locations may also change; however, parents will be notified of any location changes.

Photo Release

Photographs of participants may be taken at any time for promotional purposes. If you do not wish to have your child’s photo/name used please ensure you indicate this on the photo release waiver (PDF).

Late Fees

Please ensure that you make note of the camp end time as end times vary from camp to camp. Please notify the camp staff if you are going to be a few minutes late. We will charge you $1 per minute if you do not pick-up your child within 5 minutes of the end time.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

For information about registration and withdrawal/refund policies, see registration information or call our registration desk at 604-467-7422.

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Rainy Days

The sun doesn’t have to be shining to have a good time at camp! All camp programs will continue during inclement weather. Please dress your child appropriately.

Medical Information

Health and safety are priorities. Please ensure your child’s information is accurate by completing the medical forms at sign in. If your child develops a communicable disease registered in camp (i.e pink eye, hand foot and mouth disease, etc), we ask that you inform staff immediately. This will allow us to inform other participants and allow them to take the necessary precautions.


Children must be fully toilet trained to attend all programs not requiring adult supervision.

Class Cancellation

If an insufficient number of participants have signed up for a course, the course will be cancelled. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Parent Participation

All of our programs are drop-off programs and do not involve parent participation with the exception of parent & tot programs which are noted in the brochure.

Camp Back-Pack Check List

Remember, your children are at camp. Their clothes should be comfortable and able to withstand the rigours of camp life! Please ensure that everything your child brings to camp, including clothing, is fully labelled with their full name. Electronic devices (i.e. ipods/MP3s, personal gaming devices, cell phone, cameras, etc.) are not permitted at camp. Parks, Recreation & Culture is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not send valuables to camp.
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Things to Bring to Camp:

  • nutritious lunch and drinks
  • additional snacks for morning and afternoon
  • proper outdoor attire (running shoes, no flip flops)
  • extra change of clothes (just in case)
  • sunscreen and bug spray
  • bathing suit, towel & an extra t-shirt on days with high UV index.