Functional Personal Training

How To Book A Session

Visit Customer Service at the Leisure Centre, choose from the options below and register with our staff. You can then call Golden Ears Physiotherapy at 604-463-9968 to book your times.

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Training With a Plan

Get a workout in with a personal trainer and get an individualized plan for up to 4 weeks to keep you on track with your fitness goals. Session includes: fitness screen, consult with personal trainer, exercise plan and instruction in performing exercises in your plan correctly. Sessions are 90 minutes long.
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One on One Personal Training

Individualized program suited to your needs; weight loss, toning, muscle strength, flexibility or agility. Personal training provides motivation and support whatever your fitness goal is. Optional free Kintec gait analysis and shoe fitting included.

Double Up Training

Train in pairs; improve fitness, health and well-being together. Receive a program suited to your needs, abilities, schedules and goals.

Functional Training

With the Balance, Non-Weight Bearing and Cardiovascular Conditioning programs our personal trainers are able to provide an effective and appropriate workout to clients regardless of their fitness level and age.


Work on your functional balance with these safe and stable exercise sessions utilizing a variety of equipment to strengthen your core.

Non-Weight Bearing

Help alleviate pain and soreness with these low-impact non-weight bearing exercises in a pool setting. Develop strength while keeping your body and joints safe. Ability to swim is not required.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Combine strength and cardio exercises with heat-rate monitoring to build strength and endurance while staying at a safe and healthy level of exertion.
Please note: Applicable taxes will be added.
Sessions 1 2 3 10
Training with a Plan
One on One
$50 $97 $250 $460
Double Up
$80 $150 $315 $590

Sampler Circuit

Learn the basics of a total body workout in these circuit conditioning classes. These sessions will teach you the essentials of group fitness training and show you the proper way to perform a circuit style workout.
Fee: FREE/5
Location: MRLC Gymnasium
Wednesday 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Orientations and Fitness Centre Supervision

For information on booking your complimentary orientation and to see the fitness centre supervision schedule please visit the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre.

Outside Personal Trainers

All independent trainers are required to submit documentation for approval to train within our facilities.