Block Parties & Matching Funds

Building Community-One Neighbourhood at a Time

Connect with your neighbours throughout the year. Building relationships in your neighbourhood improves your sense of well-being, your sense of security and strengthens the quality of life for you and your neighbours.

$100 Block Party Grants are available to individuals who wish to organize an activity in their neighbourhood which will help families, children and individuals get to know one another. Activities that some neighbourhoods have enjoyed include block parties, Easter egg hunts, Christmas caroling, movie nights, barbecues, picnics and square dancing

Hammond Block Party

Hammond Neighbours

Neighbourhood Matching Funds

This is a local program that supports improvements to neighbourhood or public land through a project that creates relationships and brings a community together. Projects should actively involve the residents of the neighbourhood, surrounding area of the project, and must be inclusive.

Focus Areas for Matching Funds:

  • Environmental Protection – Projects that address environmental impact or sustainability. Restore or regenerate land impacted negatively by environmental damage.
  • Youth Initiated – Projects that engage youth and contribute positively to a youth population.
  • Neighbourhood Organizing – Proposals that will create or strengthen existing or non existing neighbourhood groups.
  • Physical Improvement – For neighbourhoods to enhance, create, build or restore a physical structure.

Who Can Apply:

Support Up to $500: Any local neighbourhood group, group of residents, or informal group coming together to work on a specific project where the outcome will be improvement and/or beautification of a specific area, public land, green space, park or any other designated area. The group does not have to be a registered nonprofit organization.

Support up to $1000: Projects for support over $500 must be applied for through a registered nonprofit society. Partnership with a nonprofit agency may be considered where an informal group has created a relationship with the registered nonprofit agency and both parties will be involved with the project.