Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act) extends information and privacy rights to the City of Maple Ridge. The underlying principles of the Act are as follows:
  • Protection of Privacy - The privacy of individuals must be protected with respect to the collection, protection, retention, use and disclosure of personal information
  • Right of Access - Under the Act, the public can access records and information under the custody and control of the City, including personal information if it relates directly to them
  • Right of Review - The public has the right to an independent and impartial review of decisions made by the City regarding access and privacy rights under the Act

Requesting & Accessing Information

You have the right to request any record in the custody or control of the City of Maple Ridge. However, it is important to remember that the Act and the regulations within it:
  • establish access to records and/or information they contain that is not routinely made available by the City
  • apply only to existing records or information already recorded in one or more records
  • limit access to records and/or information in cases where their release may result in harm to the City or a third party
You may download a Request for Access to Records Form and deliver, mail, or fax the completed request to the department. If due to a disability you are unable to complete a request form or write a letter, please contact the Manager of Legislative Services at 604-463-5221 to make alternate arrangements for submitting your request.

Formal Request

A formal Freedom of Information (FOI) request made under the Act provides a method of seeking access to information that is not otherwise available through the routine channels. A request must be made in writing and must specify whether you want to receive copies of the records or to view the records in person. You may use our Online Request Form or submit a letter. The request should contain sufficient detail to assist in processing the request. For example, please don't say you want "all information directly or indirectly relating in any way to (subject matter)… including but not limited to (subject matter)…" That could cover a scope of 100 years of records. Instead, try to narrow down the scope of your request.

The Act requires that you receive a response within 30 business days of receipt. Please note that if you do not provide sufficient detail as to what records or information you need, the Act permits the City to extend the 30-day response period an additional 30 days. The Act allows us to withhold information if release would be an invasion of privacy or cause harm by one of the means listed in the Act.

Bylaw Request

Bylaw complaint records are only available through a formal FOI request. In accordance with City Policy 5.29, personal information that is reasonably capable of identifying a particular individual either alone or when combined with information available from other sources, where the information reasonably permits identification of the individual to those seeking to collect, use or disclose it, will not be released.

Pursuant to Section 15(1)(d) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act the City will not reveal the identity [complainant name, personal information of the complainant or information that reasonably permits the identification of the complainant] of a confidential source of law enforcement information. Personal information recorded about an identifiable individual, including the complainant and alleged violator shall be kept confidential unless written consent for disclosure is received from that person.

Informal Request

You should always start by making an informal request. Simply contact the departments you think might have the information you are looking for. Examples of the type of information you can obtain are minutes, bylaws, guidelines, policies, manuals, property-related information, publications, pamphlets, annual reports, routine inspection reports, licenses and permits (but not the personal information supporting them). When you make an informal request, the department you contact will respond to you as quickly as possible. You may even be able to get an answer over the phone!


The charge to locate and retrieve records with a formal request is $7.50 per every quarter hour ($30.00 per hour). Charges to reproduce requested records are calculated in accordance with the prescribed fees in Section 7 of the Act's regulation.

If there are extensive costs involved in retrieving and reproducing records to meet the request, you will be provided with a fee estimate before the application is fully processed that includes a breakdown of the individual costs being charged. The City may also waive all or part of a fee based upon what is fair and equitable in the circumstances of your request, including whether the payment will cause financial hardship or whether the requested records relate to a matter of public interest. There is, however, no charge for your own personal information.