287 Street Bridge Replacement

The City of Maple Ridge is replacing the existing two lane bridge at 287 Street at 123 Avenue.  The bridge is 17 metres long across Whonnock Creek and provides service to nine properties to the north west of the creek.  The original bridge was built in 1991 using two used railway boxcars welded together and capped with a concrete deck. This unconventional construction has serviced the area well but is now in need of replacement with a modern bridge design.  

The City has developed an innovative approach to minimize impacts to the neighbourhood.  In May 2018, the City plans to construct a new prefabricated girder bridge with concrete deck and lift the old bridge out and replace it with the new one during the same day. The road will be out of service for approximately half a day only. The Fire Department will be on-site during the structure replacement.

The project Tender closed on April 13, 2018.