Street Banners - Call For Entries

Street Banner Program Opportunity 2018

Deadline Extension: June 25 at 3:00 pm by email or dropped off at City Hall

Help beautify and brighten Maple Ridge by submitting a street banner design! Following on the success of last year’s designs for Canada’s 150th celebration, the City of Maple Ridge invites amateur and professional artists of all ages to submit their designs to the 2018 Street Banner Design Contest. The banners will be installed on major streets throughout the City in the summer of 2018 for approximately 10-12 months. Four designs will be chosen and transformed onto banners and artists selected will be provided with a cash prize, in addition to having their work displayed.

The designs should be bold and colourful! We are looking for anything bright and vibrant. Participants should consider scale and distance of the viewing audience and use large scale images to fill the banner space provided from edge to edge (no borders). See the full list of design specifications and submission guidelines below.


 Our community is rich in natural assets and surround by Nature from mountains to rivers and streams and parks and therefore this year’s theme will celebrate Nature.

Documents to Download for Your Review and Use:

Please note that we have hard copies of the banner template and waiver and release form for you to pick up from City Hall, ACT Arts Centre, Leisure Centre and Library.

Additional Notes:

  • Existing artwork is also eligible as long as it can be cropped and fit into a scalable 4” wide by 10” high format. 
  • Problems with putting your image onto the template? Not necessary at this stage as long as your image is 4” wide by 10” high and a reasonable representation of your artwork. 
  • Problem with high resolution size? No worries! The selected designs will be photographed properly for final production. At this stage just make sure that it is a fair representation of your piece
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