Sign Bylaw Update

Our Sign Bylaw helps guide how we want to identify our business and how this integrates with development in the City of Maple Ridge. We are currently updating our existing Sign Bylaw to better meet the needs of our community. 

The new bylaw will:

  • Better align with current policies and the City’s strategic plan
  • Comply with regulations around traffic safety
  • Have a more coordinate vision of how signage is defined within the city
  • Address current and emerging technologies

Join us at an Open House on Tuesday, November 26 from 5:50 to 8:30 pm at City Hall’s west entrance (11995 Haney Place) to learn more about the proposed changes and how the updated Zoning Bylaw will guide future development in our community.

The draft Bylaw can be found here.

If you have any questions about the proposed update please contact us by email at