Employee Development

Employees of the City enjoy our award-winning staff training and development program. Through partnerships with such post-secondary institutions as British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and Vancouver Community College (VCC), full-certificate programs are offered onsite. For those employees seeking graduate or post graduate degrees, the City offers cost-sharing options. Human resource development is critical to the success of the organization. Therefore, developmental opportunities will be provided to employees to assist them in their present job and, where practical, assist in preparing them for advancement.

In addition to classroom training, the City also offers career development opportunities in areas such as professional executive coaching, mentoring, cross-functional interdepartmental committees and focus groups. Our employees consistently rank staff training and development opportunities as the number one motivator for employee engagement.


This is an exceptional opportunity for an individual to be supported and coached on a specific development area. Each participant works with an external coach on their specific development opportunity.


This internal program is intended to support the personal and professional development of staff. The mentoring program will provide participants with the opportunity to focus on specific areas of development by working with a mentor within the organization.

Opportunities to Lead

Staff are encouraged to participate on cross-functional and interdepartmental teams. Many employees facilitate City workshops and training sessions. The City recognizes that ongoing relationship-building is important to our success. Leading opportunities increase skill levels, competencies as well as foster networking throughout the organization.