The City of Maple Ridge recognizes the importance of a competitive pay program. Through a combination of negotiation and job market research, we ensure that our salaries and pay practices are externally competitive while maintaining internal equity.

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

The establishment of pay levels for CUPE jobs at the City of Maple Ridge is determined through a job evaluation system that considers the pay for other related jobs in the City as well as the pay for similar jobs in other Metro Vancouver municipalities. On occasion, pay levels can also be established through collective bargaining. Rates of pay for each position can be found in the CUPE Collective Agreement.

International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)

Wage schedules for Maple Ridge firefighters are established through a collective bargaining process. Rates of pay for each position can be found in the IAFF Collective Agreement.

Paid-On-Call Firefighters

Once qualified, paid-on-call firefighters are paid for attending training sessions and emergency call responses. Rates are competitive with other departments in the Lower Mainland.

Non-Union (Exempt)

The primary consideration in establishing exempt salaries is comparison with those municipalities who are of somewhat similar size and structure to Maple Ridge and with whom we compete for talent. Of our employee movement (attraction from or loss to), 70% is within Metro Vancouver municipalities. Council's current policy is to commission a compensation survey every three or four years that gathers salary data from approximately 10 lower mainland municipalities and places Maple Ridge exempt salaries at the 65th percentile of this market.