Public Art

A former Mayor of Maple Ridge was quoted as saying, "Public art takes a variety of shapes and forms and it makes our community interesting. It touches our lives in a variety of ways whether it's on our way to work, while out for a stroll at lunch time or just taking a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood. A well-planned public art project ensures that the statement the work makes is in keeping with its surroundings, whether this be on a busy downtown street corner, in a green space or in an area that combines both rural and urban elements."

The Maple Ridge Public Art Steering Committee, established by City Council, began meeting in 2010. The purpose of the committee is to:
  • recommend criteria for the commission of public art installations to City Council
  • have authority for entering into agreements and contractual obligations within the limitations of approved budgets for the commission of public art installations which meet the criteria noted above
  • have authority to spend money within an annual budget approved by City Council
  • submit an annual report to City Council by the end of May each year describing the activities of the previous year
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