Dog Licensing

Please Licence Your Dog

The first step to responsible dog ownership is licensing your dog.

Why Do I Need a Dog Licence?

A dog licence helps you reunite with your dog if they are lost anywhere in the world. Dog licence fees not only support the return of pets to their owners, they assist in the adoption of homeless pets every year. Fees also pay for education and enforcement of our Animal Control and Licencing bylaw, as well as the cost for operating the local animal shelter. 


To apply for a dog licence, download our dog licence application form. Unfortunately at this time, applications can not be submitted online. Once your application is complete, please email it to us or fax it to us at 604-467-7445. Once your application has been entered into our system, we can email you your new account number so you may pay the fees online.

How Old Does My Dog Have to Be to Get a Licence?

All dogs over four months of age must be licensed every year with the City of Maple Ridge. 

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Dog Licence?

The cost of licensing your dog depends on whether or not it is spayed or neutered. If you are applying for the "Spayed or Neutered" discount you will need to provide a document of verification from your veterinarian. A discount is available if paid by January 31. For more information on fees and charges, review Schedule A of our Animal Control and Licencing Bylaw No. 6908-2012