Detached Garden Suites

The City of Maple Ridge is undertaking a public process to review the Zoning Bylaw regulations for Detached Garden Suites (DGS) that were adopted in 2008. To date a total of 40 DGSs have been constructed in Maple Ridge. In an effort to ensure a diversity of housing forms, tenure, and affordability, this process is intended to identify more options for home owners who may want to construct a unit on their property.

Public Open House

A public open house was held on Saturday, November 25, 2017 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm with a large turnout in attendance. 

At this event we presented more options for modular or manufactured DGSs and we will be requesting community input on amendments to the Zoning Bylaw regulations.

The presentation boards from the open house are available here, and the online questionnaire is now available at this link.

For more information on this project, please see the report that was endorsed at Council workshop on October 3, 2017 in the link.

Please feel free to contact by email or phone at 604-467-7383 at any time with questions or comments on the DGS review process.

Existing Regulations - Detached GardenSuites

It is important to note that a detached garden suite use is not intended to be a second principal house on the one family lot but is rather meant to be detached, accessory and subordinate in nature to the main house. Detached garden suites will offer a smaller, accessible and ground-oriented housing form and encourage "aging in place" for residents who own fairly large lots and yet do not require them at this stage of their life-cycle. They would, however, have a choice of residing in their own garden suite or the main house.

current Eligible Zones

The zones that would be eligible, subject to compliance with the bylaw, include:
  • One-family residential zones such as: RS-1b (One-Family Urban Residential - Medium Density), RS-1 (One-Family Urban Residential), RS-1a (One-Family Amenity Residential), RS-1c (One-Family Urban Residential - Low Density), RS-1d (One-Family Urban Residential - Half Acre), SRS (Special Urban Residential), RS-2 (One-Family Suburban Residential) and RS-3 (One-Family Rural Residential)
  • Agricultural Zones such as: A-1 (Small Holding Agricultural), A-2 (Upland Agricultural), A-3 (Extensive Agricultural) and A-4 (Intensive Greenhouse District)