1. Attractions

    There is so much to do in Maple Ridge. The ACT serves as a gathering place for artists and community, Memorial Peace Park is a true community hub full of events and the Fraser River Heritage Walk links the key heritage sites in Port Haney with a paved walkway. Don't forget to have your photo taken with "The Beast" our legendary Public Art.

  2. Awards

  3. Building Fees & Charges

    Information on fees for building permits, electrical permits, gas permits and plumbing/sprinkler permits.

  4. Building Permit

    You can check your issued building permits online. Please Note: Inspections CANNOT be booked online at this time. Please call our 24 hour inspection line at 604-467-7380 OR contact the Building Department at 604-467-7311.

  5. Bylaws & Regulations

    The most commonly requested bylaws and regulations are listed.

  6. Council Agendas, Minutes, Meeting Information

    Council is committed to conducting business in a manner that permits public participation at every opportunity. The public is invited to sit in on any of the meetings of Council.

  7. Economic Programs, Initiatives & Plans

    Maple Ridge Council has identified creating a vibrant local economy with high value jobs as one its top priorities. More and more businesses are looking to relocate to Maple Ridge to benefit from our affordable land, access to major markets, and high-quality lifestyle. If you're ready to move or expand your business, we're ready to help!

  8. Facilities

    Addresses, phone numbers and directions to most City facilities.

  9. Frequently Asked Questions

  10. Historic Street Maps

    Maple Ridge has prepared historical street name maps for your interest.

  11. Maps

    Maple Ridge has a number of maps online to help you enjoy all that this community has to offer. Our web-based map service contains visual information about properties, facilities, attractions, utilities, schools, parks and aerial imagery.

  12. Photo Galleries

    Beautiful and interesting photo galleries representing Maple Ridge

  13. Policies

    The most commonly requested policies are listed.

  14. Presentations

    Mayor's Update to Citizens, Budget Q & A and a discussion on Property Taxation and Tax Multiples are available.