Drinking Water Quality

The Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) supplies treated water to the City from Coquitlam Lake. Maple Ridge operates a water utility under permit by the Fraser Health Authority (FHA), distributing this water to approximately 80,000 residents.

The Province, GVWD and the City implement a multi-barrier approach in providing high quality drinking water. As stated by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, “these barriers act to block or control microbiological pathogens and chemical contaminants that may enter the water supply system, regardless of whether these substances have been identified as a concern.” Barriers implemented to ensure quality water in Maple Ridge include drinking water quality regulations, source water protection, drinking water treatment, secondary disinfection, cross-connection controls, water quality sampling and reporting, flushing programs, emergency response planning and oversight

Coquitlam Lake

Coquitlam Lake
The Province maintains a Drinking Water Protection Regulation which mandates drinking water quality objectives and testing frequencies.

To protect source water, the GVWD limits access to local watersheds. In recent years, the GVWD has decommissioned unnecessary access roadways within these watersheds, returning them to a natural state.

The GVWD uses ozone and ultra-violet light as part of its drinking water treatment process.

Ultra-Violet Light Disinfection Works at Coquitlam Lake Treatment Plant

Ultra-violet light disinfection works at Coquitlam Lake Treatment Plant
Both the GVWD and the City utilize secondary disinfection in working to maintain a disinfectant residual in the City’s distribution system.

The City employs a Cross Connection Control Officer to educate the public and inspect commercial, industrial and institutional buildings to ensure compliance with codes, bylaws and enactments. This helps guard against unauthorized and incorrect plumbing work that could otherwise allow contaminated water (swimming pools, auto washers, etc.) to be drawn from private properties into the municipal system.

Maple Ridge and Metro Vancouver conduct extensive testing of drinking water for health and aesthetic objectives as it travels from Coquitlam Lake to locations throughout Maple Ridge. Coquitlam Lake water is tested daily, as is treated water. Water within Maple Ridge is tested weekly at 20 locations. More information on water quality monitoring is available in GVWD and Maple Ridge drinking water quality reports.

Water Quality Sampling

Water Quality Sampling
The City maintains a waterworks emergency response plan to guide staff if challenged by emergencies such as drinking water contamination or natural disasters.

The Fraser Health Authority provides system oversight which includes reviewing proposed changes to the drinking water system; reviewing test results on a weekly basis; meeting with City staff to discuss and review system performance; and issuing an annual operating permit.

Cleaned Reservoir

Cleaned Reservoir

Distribution System Water Quality Report