Maple Ridge Resilience Initiative

Maple Ridge Resilience Initiative
The Maple Ridge Resilience Initiative (MRRI) was created to build on the incredible strengths of the community to respond to the needs of all citizens in our community.

The MRRI is made of up the following four teams:
  1. Community Standards Enforcement Team

    is made up of Police Services, Fire, Parks, Bylaws and Social Planning and their goal is to ensure the safety of our community and to respond to concerns in a collaborative and respectful manner.
  2. Strong Kids Team

    is led by School District No. 42 Board Trustee Susan Carr and Councillor Kiersten Duncan was formed to ensure that children and youth in our community have the best environment to grow up and thrive in.
  3. Street Action Team

    is led by Annika Poligato and a team of outreach workers and their goal is to connect individuals that are homeless or are at risk of homelessness with the services and supports that they require.
  4. Housing Team

    will be forming in the near future to ensure that the City of Maple Ridge's implementation strategy for the Housing Action Plan moves forward and to engage the larger community in the process.

MRRI Council Resolutions & Updates