What upgrades are being done?

In 2013, staff retained the services of an architectural company with experience in pool construction and design. The architectural review resulted in the following recommended upgrades which still remain a priority:

Replacement of Aging Equipment – Relocation of the electrical room/panels and creating environmental separation will be necessary during the renovations to prevent future moister damaged to the cabinets and panels. 

Chlorination – Chlorine gas is used to maintain the cleanliness of the pool in conjunction with the filtration systems which are outdated and much less inefficient than other filters that are now available for aquatic complexes. This will be addressed by building an expanded mechanical room, replacing the outdated water filtration system and converting to a combined liquid chlorine (which is much safer to handle) and a U.V. system, to ensure the highest water quality possible.

Pool Tank Accessibility – Currently, the toddler pool, leisure pool, swirl pool and lap pools do not have wheel chair access and limit accessibility for some of our customers. The renovation will improve accessibility allowing opportunities for all leisure centre users to swim and recreate.

Lobby and Change Room Upgrades – Priority upgrades to the lobby and change room will create a more inviting and welcoming environment for Leisure Centre customers and will provide an expanded change room area for families as well as improving accessibility in a gender neutral environment.

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1. When did the closure begin and how long will it take?
2. What upgrades are being done?
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