Will this impact the Greg Moore Youth Centre?
The Greg Moore Youth Centre will remain open throughout the retrofit. Any known closures (for temporary shutdown of electricity or water) will be announced with as much notice as possible.

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1. When will the pool closure happen, and how long will it take?
2. What upgrades are being done?
3. Why do these upgrades need to be done?
4. Where can I go to swim during the closure?
5. Why didn’t the City build a new pool first?
6. What will happen to my membership with the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre?
7. How much will this retrofit cost?
8. Will the fitness centre portion of the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre remain open?
9. Will the childminding centre remain open?
10. Will the gymnasium remain open?
11. Will the registered programs, arts programs, adult programs, etc continue to run?
12. Will this impact the Greg Moore Youth Centre?
13. Will the retrofit affect Memorial Peace Park?