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Special Event Application

  1. Maple Ridge British Columbia Logo

  2. Special Event Application Package

  3. I Have Read the Special Event Information Sheet*

  4. Please Note:

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain any and all permits, licences and certificates that are required for this special event and to provide copies to the City of Maple Ridge prior to the event.

  5. Section 1: Special Event Information

  6. For events taking place on multiple dates, indicate the first and last date of the series. Specific dates can be added in the description below.

  7. Briefly describe your event.

  8. Event Venue*

    Check all that apply.

  9. If your event is taking place on a street describe how you will safely manage traffic.

  10. Assistance:

    I need assistance with developing a Traffic Plan.

  11. If you have developed a Traffic Plan upload it here.

  12. Event Activities:*

    Check all that apply.

  13. Will You Charge Admission?*

  14. If yes, how much will admission cost?

  15. Has This Event Been Produced Previously?*

  16. Will Propane or Butane Be Used at the Event?*

  17. Will There Be Open Flame at the Event?*

  18. Will Alcohol Be Served at the Event?*

  19. Will the Event or Part of the Event Be Gated?*

  20. What Is Your Plan for Handling an Emergency (e.g. Lost Child, Medical Emergency?)

  21. Assistance:

    I need assistance with developing a Safety Plan:

  22. Upload Your Safety Plan Here.

  23. First Aid:*

    Have You Arranged For First Aid Attendants to Be Onsite During the Event?

  24. Site / Route Plan:*

    You Are Required to Submit a Site/Route Plan For the Event.

  25. If you have developed a Site / Route Plan upload it here.

  26. Park Maps for Site / Route Planning

    Below are blank maps of some of the parks in Maple Ridge where events are commonly held. These can be used to create your Site / Route Plan.

  27. Section 2: Applicant Information

  28. Is Your Organization a Registered Non-Profit Society?*

  29. Your Organizing Committee is Comprised Of:*

  30. Mailing Address of Applicant / Organization:

  31. Provide the name and cell phone number of the event day contact person.

  32. If you have a promotional poster for your event upload it here.

  33. Section 3: Event Equipment

    Parks, Recreation & Culture may be able to provide equipment for your event depending on availability. Additional charges for use of Parks, Recreation & Culture equipment and staff time may apply. The Community Event Kit Trailer is available for a nominal fee to local non-profit groups. A link to the form is located on the Festival Planning page or call 604-467-7325.

  34. Community Event Kit Trailer*

    Please indicate if you would like to request the Community Event Kit Trailer the day of your event. If yes, please note the cost is $154.68 and subject to availability.

  35. Section 4: Activity Permits & Additional Information

  36. Insurance

    As a condition of being granted permission to hold a special event, applicants are required to show proof of liability insurance coverage that means the following requirements: a) minimum of $5,000,000 coverage against third party bodily injury and property damage losses b) additionally named insured: the City of Maple Ridge

  37. Food Service

    If you plan on selling or serving food or beverages to the public at your event, you are required to contact Fraser Health to obtain a Temporary Food Permit at 604-476-7000

  38. Beer Garden

    If you plan to have a beer garden at your event, a Special Occasion Liquor License Application Form must be completed, reviewed and approved by the RCMP and the Liquor Control Board. Forms are available at any BC Liquor Store.

  39. Portable Washrooms

    Event organizers should not rely solely on adjacent washroom facilities. If required, event organizers must make arrangements for portable washroom facilities.

  40. Fireworks

    Please contact the Maple Ridge Fire Department (604-463-5880) if you plan on having fireworks at your event.

  41. Indemnification:*

    I hereby agree to indemnify and safe harmless the City of Maple Ridge, Parks, Recreation & Culture and School District No. 42 from and against claims or demands arising from the event described in this application and I agree to obtain liability insurance that is satisfactory to the City of Maple Ridge.

  42. Please use this space for any comments or questions.

  43. Privacy Statement:

    NOTICE: Personal information requested on this Special Event Application is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 165, as amended. Unless otherwise specified, the information gathered will be used by Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation & Culture for processing the event application. Questions about the collection, use and disclosures of this information should be directed to the FOI Head, Clerk's Department, City of Maple Ridge, 11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6A9 604-467-7482.

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