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1. How do I apply for a position with the City of Maple Ridge?
2. Can I work for the City of Maple Ridge if I have a relative who works there?
3. What kinds of jobs are available at the City of Maple Ridge?
4. If I applied to an opportunity that closed, and then the same opportunity is reposted at a later date, do I need to apply again to be considered?
5. What if I applied to the wrong opportunity? Can I retract an application?
6. What if I missed the deadline date for a posted opportunity?
7. I made an error. How do I change my application?
8. Can more than one person use the same email address to apply?
9. Can I apply in person with my resume / application? (I do not have a computer.)
10. What if I don't have an email address?
11. When can i expect to hear of the status of my application following my interview?
12. How do I know that you got my application for a posting?
13. What does the recruitment process involve?
14. Can I follow up my online application with a hard copy?
15. Will I be contacted to confirm receipt of my application?
16. Who will be contacted by Human Resources during the hiring process? (I haven't heard anything.)
17. How do I know the status of the competition?