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BusinessSTART Registration Form

  1. Registration Form

    BusinessSTART Registration


  1. Notice of Claim

    To be submitted if you have suffered damage/injuries that you believe were sustained on City property.

Committees & Commissions

  1. #MRHeritage Nomination Form

    Welcome! It is time to update the Maple Ridge Heritage Inventory, help the City of Maple Ridge in the identificatino of historic sites... More…

  2. MACAI Ideas / Issues Submission Form

    Use this form to share ideas and concerns with the City in regards to accessibility issues.

  1. Application Form

    Application Form for Advisory Committees and Commissions of Council

Emergency Program

  1. Emergency Preparedness - Presentation Request

    Our program is able to provide a free and informative presentation on emergency preparedness in your community. We can also focus on... More…

Festivals & Events

  1. Business Plan Template for Event Organizers

    Business plan template

  2. Grassroots Grant Application
  3. Special Event Trailer Request
  1. Festival Support Funding Application

    Festival Grant Application

  2. Special Event Application

    Please fill out details on the Event Application that are marked with an asterisk (*) and additional details as applicable to your... More…

Neighbourhood Park Development

  1. Neighbourhood Park Development

    As a part of our community consultation process, we would like to receive your feedback.