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  1. All Synthetic Fields Are Open As User Discretion. All Grass Fields Remain Closed

    User Discretion - A coach or team official is required to walk the field to ensure that games are not played if there is evidence of standing water, heavy rain, frost, ice or snow on day of game Read On...
  2. Alouette River Update 4:00 pm

    BC Hydro has cancelled their flood alert for the South Alouette River. Read On...
  3. Alouette River Update 11:00 am

    BC Hydro has provided updated water flow forecasts from the Alouette Lake Reservoir. Read On...
  4. Alouette River Update 7:30 am

    With sunrise, our crews have confirmed that the 224 Street and 232 Street road systems to Silver Valley and the Silver Ridge neighbourhoods are open. Read On...
  5. Alouette Floodplain Update 10:30 pm

    BC Hydro has provided an update that the water flow projections have been updated for the water release from the Alouette Lake Reservoir. Read On...
  6. South Alouette Alert

    BC Hydro has issued the following information. Alouette Lake is reaching the freecrest level of the Alouette Dam. Read On...
  7. 2021 Quarter 3 Metered Water Notices due Dec. 2

    Metered Water Notices have been mailed out, covering July, August, and September (2021 Quarter 3). Due: December 2, 2021 to avoid penalty. Read On...
  8. Fire Inspection Requests - Now Available Online

    Fire inspection requests can now be submitted to the Fire Department through an online form. Read On...
  9. Do You Qualify for Superior Tanker Shuttle Service?

    Some residents may qualify for discounts on their fire insurance with this coverage. Read On...
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