Integrated Stormwater Management Plans

The City has developed plans for managing drainage and watershed health. The creation of these plans (called “Integrated Stormwater Management Plans” or ISMPs) is a key action of the City of Maple Ridge Strategic Plan for 2019-2022 and supports the goals of the Official Community Plan.

The City retained engineering consultants Urban Systems Limited and Kerr Wood Leidal Associates to develop ISMPs for watersheds covering over 200 square kilometers within the City. Other areas in Maple Ridge will be the subject of future ISMPs. See the current ISMP study areas here.

The ISMPs are intended to achieve several goals, such as:
• Collect information on Maple Ridge drainage systems, watershed health, design criteria, policy and development practices
• Review the performance of drainage systems under existing and future climate change conditions
• Identify priority locations for more detailed drainage studies and potential infrastructure capacity upgrades
• Complete a high-level assessment of watershed health in Maple Ridge and develop plans for ongoing monitoring
• Recommend how land development practices in Maple Ridge can be optimized to maintain or improve watershed health
• Develop plans and programs for improving watershed health

The ISMPs were endorsed in principle by Council on March 8, 2022.

View the ISMPs:

South Alouette & Kanaka Creek Integrated Stormwater Management Plan, September 2021, by Urban Systems
Blaney, North Alouette, and Fraser River Integrated Stormwater Management Plan, October 2021, by Kerr Wood Leidal

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