Land Development

The Engineering Infrastructure Development Group administers works and services necessary to support land development in Maple Ridge. Support is provided to property owners and developers through a “Servicing Review” and the “Development Process” described below.

Land development support includes:
  • Provision of municipal servicing comments
  • Review of municipal servicing designs
  • Provision of field inspection prior to acceptance of municipal servicing
  • Update the development processes, policies and information sheets
Land development is identified as the improvement of land within Maple Ridge which may require the installation of the works and services established through the Maple Ridge Subdivision and Development Servicing By-law No. 4800 – 1993 (PDF), Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD), and the Design and Construction Documents.

Servicing Review

Property owners seeking to upgrade private property are recommended to contact the Engineering Department prior to submitting an application with either the Planning or Building Departments. The Engineering Infrastructure Development Group will provide a preliminary assessment of the services and identify any municipal works and services that may be required at the time of Building Permit or Development Application. To request a Servicing Review, contact the Engineering Department at 604-467-7339.

Development Process

The Engineering process for land development consists of three phases, which are completed in conjunction with the Planning and Building Departments.

Phase 1: Referral

Applications or permits submitted to the Planning or Building Departments are referred to the Engineering Infrastructure Development Group for comments on municipal servicing. Based upon the requirements outlined in the Maple Ridge Subdivision and Development Servicing By-law No. 4800 – 1993, Design Criteria Manual (PDF) and Supplementary Standard Detail Drawings (PDF), existing service deficiencies and required studies related to transportation, water distribution, sanitary sewer and storm water management are identified.

Phase 2: Review

Design drawings are prepared by consultants based upon the Design Criteria Manual (PDF) and Supplementary Standard Detail Drawings (PDF), to reflect the referral comments and recommendations from the required studies. The drawings are submitted to the Engineering Infrastructure Development Group for review along with a cost estimate for construction of the works and services.

A Servicing Agreement is issued by the City upon acceptance of the design. The agreement identifies the required works and services and financial securities for final development approval.

Phase 3: Construction and Acceptance

When the securities are paid by the developer and the City has approved the development application, a pre-construction meeting is held with the developer, contractor, City Works Inspector and other applicable staff prior to the start of construction.

During construction, the City Works Inspector will outline any City regulations or bylaws that must be complied with and ensure works are constructed in accordance with the design drawings, the Supplementary General Conditions (PDF) and the Supplementary Specifications (PDF).

When construction is complete, the City Works Inspector conducts a final inspection and identifies any deficiencies that need to be corrected prior to issuance of the Certificate of Completion.

Once deficiencies have been addressed, securities are reduced to the maintenance value and a minimum 1-year maintenance period begins. After one year, and receipt of all necessary documentation, the remaining security is released and a Certificate of Acceptance is issued.