Business Planning Process

All City services and programs are funded through an annual budget, which is part of a five-year Financial Plan. In Maple Ridge, development of each year’s budget is a multi-stage process that includes all City service areas, staff, Council, and the community. 

The budget process is designed to ensure all City work and service-delivery is linked to the organization’s long-term plans and strategic plans. 

The process may be adjusted year to year to fit current circumstances.

About the Financial Plan

B.C.’s Community Charter requires that local governments adopt a five-year Financial Plan each year before adopting the annual property tax bylaw. 

Through the Financial Plan, the City forecasts the resources, revenues and expenditures required to deliver services over the next five years. 

The annual budget forms the first year of the plan, while the following years are a guideline based on the various City long-term plans and strategies. 

Business Planning

Business planning typically kicks off the annual budget development process, starting in the summer of each year. As part of this work:

  • Service areas develop multi-year work plans – with a focus on the coming year – that outline their planned programs and services and how they align with the City’s plans and strategies.
  • Employees prepare individual performance plans that link their work to their department’s objectives. 

The business plans are presented to Council as part of each year’s budget development process. 

2024 Budget Process

The process for developing the 2024 Budget included an extra step due to the development of the 2023-2026 Council Strategic Plan, adopted in May 2023 following public consultation.

Based on the Council Strategic Plan, the City developed a set of performance measures known as Objectives and Key Results (OKR), which enable the organization to deliver on the Strategic Priorities with clear outcomes and timelines. 

The OKR framework is guiding the development of the City’s proposed 2024 strategic work plan and five-year Financial Plan.

Budget Public Engagement

Maple Ridge engages the public in the budget process in multiple ways:

  • The community is consulted in the development of major plans and strategies that guide the budget process.
  • Residents and other interested parties are invited to comment during a designated public engagement period for each budget.
  • Council discusses the budget and adopts the related bylaws in open Council meetings, which include a public question period. (Meetings are livestreamed the Maple Ridge’s YouTube channel, and recordings can be viewed online.)
  • Comments are welcomed year-round (see bottom of this page).     

Financial Reporting 

In addition to the annual financial planning, the City completes an annual review of the past year. Reports include:

Learn more about other aspects of the City’s financial planning and reporting.

Provide Input Any Time 

In addition to the budget public engagement opportunities, citizens and other interested parties are welcome to provide comments and questions on budget and financial matters at any time of year:

  • Email
  • Facebook or Twitter feeds @yourmapleridge using #BudgetMR
  • Budget Hotline: 604-467-7484 (voice mail)
  • In writing, addressed to:

Trevor Thompson

Chief Financial Officer, 

City of Maple Ridge

11995 Haney Place

Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6A9