123 Avenue Corridor Management Strategy

The City of Maple Ridge has completed a corridor study which considered traffic and transportation concerns along 123 Avenue, from 203 Street to 216 Street. The feasibility study of potential road improvements and the resulting options have been proposed and supported by the Neighbourhood Transportation Advisory Committee (NTAC). 

Two Open Houses were held in 2016 (as noted below) where these proposed options were presented and feedback was solicited.

123 Avenue between 203 Street and Laity Street

The Open House was held March 9, 2016 at Laity View Elementary School. View the Display Boards presented. Feedback from the Open House indicated interest in both proposals, lane width narrowing and protected bike lane. Given this high level of interest, the City completed a further evaluation of the concept of the protected bike lane over the summer 2016. 

A second Open House was held on August 1, 2017 in City Hall foyer. City staff are currently reviewing feedback from the very well attended Open House.

123 Avenue between Laity Street and 216 Street

The Open House was held March 10, 2016 at Laity View Elementary School. View the Display Boards presented. The next steps will be the installation of temporary measures, per the proposed plan.

An "emoji" speed sign has been installed to appeal to motorists' emotions and encourage slower speeds. The sign will be in place for a short period so as to not loose the effectiveness.

Funding for the proposed total road reconstruction and corridor improvements will be requested through the upcoming 2018-2020 Financial Plan deliberations.