Snow Angel Program

The ‘Snow Angel’ program is all about neighbours helping neighbours. The key to building a strong community starts on your street and with the people that live around you. Being a ‘Snow Angel’ means checking with your neighbours and helping them keep the sidewalk and walkways clear. Spread the word up and down your street to help each other out!

Why is there a Snow Angel Program?

Removing snow from sidewalks, even running errands and getting around in the snow can be quite difficult for the elderly, or those who have mobility or other health issues.

Who are Snow Angels?

A Snow Angel can be anyone who checks on their neighbours to see if they need help clearing a walkway or sidewalk in front of their home. It can be students, families, neighbourhood groups or other community service groups. A person who is helped by a neighbour can nominate them to be recognized as a Snow Angel by the City of Maple Ridge.

How does a Snow Angel know to help?

The first step is getting to know your neighbours. When there is a snowfall look for neighbours who are not able to get out and clear their walkway themselves. Ask them if they need assistance and offer to help. It’s that easy!

Is the Snow Angel Program run by the City of Maple Ridge?

The program depends on you, your friends, family and other members of the community to be a success. The City does not arrange this neighbourly assistance, but will recognize those who are Snow Angels. This is the very definition of building community and these connections with your neighbours will ensure that everyone is looking out for each other.

This winter season, please take the time to help your neighbours by being a Snow Angel.