Emergency Plan

Emergency Response Plan

Maple Ridge's Emergency Response Plan provides overall direction to guide the actions to prepare for, respond to and recover from major disasters. The plan identifies the key hazards which threaten our community, priority actions to be taken by threat, roles and responsibilities of staff and key response agencies responsible for managing the City's response and recovery from disasters.

To support the Emergency Response Plan, hazard-specific and departmental plans are often developed. These plans provide more detailed information such as staff and volunteer callout procedures, forms and templates and detailed site procedures.

To help coordinate the delivery of these plans, the City of Maple Ridge may activate the Municipal Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). The EOC is "mission control" during a major response. This facility is where key municipal personnel and other agencies involved gather to support activities taking place at the site(s) of the emergency while facilitating a coordinated response. For a more efficient response, the City of Maple Ridge and City of Pitt Meadows may combine EOCs into one location if both municipalities are impacted.