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Consider what you have to offer. For example, if you have a knack for teaching, you may want to look for a volunteer opportunity in which your special skills can be utilized. ESS needs volunteers to provide education on emergency preparedness at community events or group presentations.
Emergency Support Services (ESS) is a program that provides short term (up to 72 hours) disaster relief across British Columbia in the event of fires, floods, earthquakes or other emergencies. ESS depends on community volunteers to plan and provide for the essential needs of individuals, families and response workers. This may include food, shelter, clothing, emotional support and locating loved ones. ESS is also tasked with providing accurate and relevant information to those affected and assistance with planning their next steps.

Maple Ridge's ESS team is guided by the ESS Plan developed to establish guidelines for response in an emergency. It outlines how municipal staff and volunteers will work together, where Reception Centres and Group Lodging facilities will be located, and the roles and responsibilities of staff, volunteers and related agencies. The task of planning for disasters requires energy and creativity, and depends on the commitment and dedication of many volunteers.

Your community needs your help to prepare for emergencies. ESS volunteers:

  • inform community businesses of the program
  • identify potential Reception Centres and Group Lodging sites
  • recruit and train more volunteers
  • complete contact lists and exercise the plan
  • inform the public of help available following a disaster
More volunteers are always needed and welcomed. Disaster work offers a unique opportunity to help others when help is needed most. Working in this field challenges volunteers to stretch their own limits and potential.

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