Walkable Town Centre Full of Amenities

Offering a World of Amenities to Attract Business

Maple Ridge is one of the fastest growing regions in Metro Vancouver, offering its residents an unparalleled quality of life and the most affordable real estate in the region. It’s no wonder that Maple Ridge has seen rapid residential and commercial development: our residents have an average annual household income of over $93,000 and average incomes have grown by 13% over the past five years. Lower housing costs coupled with a growing disposable income present great opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs and investors focused on value.

Maple Ridge’s Town Centre is one of seven Regional City Centres in Metro Vancouver—areas that have been specifically identified for employment, commercial and residential growth. Our Town Centre currently features over 750 businesses and 11,000 residents. This area is being developed as a dense, walkable urban environment that will have 20,000 residents within a decade--it’s a great place for boutique stores, independent restaurants, and professional office buildings.