Film Locations in Maple Ridge

Residential. Commercial. Industrial.

Maple Ridge Has What You Need


Whether your production requires a beautifully landscaped executive home with a tennis court or log home near a lake, our list of residential properties is endless. Location scouts should contact the Film Liaison to help you find the perfect location for your production.

Apartments | Bungalows | Converted Churches | Farms & Barns | Executive Homes | Heritage/Character Homes | Homes with Pools, Ponds and Waterfront | Log Homes | New Homes | Rural Roads | Trailer Courts | Tugboats


Maple Ridge’s business community is thrilled about filming here. The list of commercial businesses in support of film production is even longer than ever before. Contact the Film Liaison with your venue requirements.

Art Gallery | Cafes | Campgrounds | Coffee Shops | Churches | Clubhouses | Gas Stations | General Stores | Hair Salons | Hotels | Library | Lodges & Retreats | Low Brow Bars | Office Spaces | Parking lots | Pubs | Restaurants | Schools | Show Rooms


Maple Ridge has many industrial locations that are available for film production. Each industrial location has a different backdrop from riverfront to forested and commercialized to remote. There is something here for your production. Contact the Film Liaison with your venue requirements.

Gravel Pits | Justice Institute | Lumber Mills | Reservoirs | Quarry | Ship Yards | Warehouses

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