Filming Fees in Maple Ridge

Made in Maple Ridge

Affordable Film Production - Fees Effective May 1, 2019

Item Rate
Filming Permit Application (includes up to 6 locations) $250 per application
 - Additional Locations $  75 per additional location
Municipal Street Use Fee
$150 per day
Business Licence (GST not included) $110 per year ($55 after October 1)
Municipal Staff Representative (outside of regular working hours) 2x current Collective Agreement rate
Municipal Park Rental $800 per day
Neighbourhood Park Rental $500 per day
Municipal Facility As per Parks, Recreation & Culture Rates
Municipal Property $300 - $2000 per day
Prep & Wrap Days 50% of location fee
Special FX Permit (includes inspection) $150 per application


Item Rate
Equipment, Staff and Vehicles To be determined by RCMP

Fire Department

Item Rate
Fire Fighter in Turnout Gear Determined by Fire Chief
Fire Truck Determined  by Fire Chief
Fire Truck with Crew (4 personnel with SCBA) Determined by Fire Chief

Electrical Permit (Gst Not Included | Valid for 180 Days of Issuance)

(Inspections outside normal work hours: Before 8:00 am, after 4:00 pm. Monday – Friday, Weekends & Statutory Holidays)
Location Rate
One Location
Two Locations $245
Three Locations $315
Four Locations $350
Five Locations $420
Six Locations $490
Seven Locations $560
Eight Locations $630
Nine Locations $700
Annual Permit Location (Unlimited Locations) $770
Additional Electrical Permit Fee $240