Film Industry Lingo Guide

A Circus?

Lingo of the Craft

Many of the terms you may see or hear on or around sets can be very straight forward and others may leave you scratching your head. Below is a list of the most common and sometimes rather hilarious terms you may come across if you encounter a production happening in Maple Ridge.
Term / Sign Meaning
AC Assistant camera.
Abby Singer Shot The second to last shot of the day.
Action Command for the actors or technicians to begin their performance.
Assistant Location Manager Person who oversees a location while shooting.
Backlighting Lighting that comes from behind an actor.
Banana A move performed by the actors or the camera that is in a curved line.
Bible Document used for a TV series that contains the character descriptions, story and other key elements.
Bogie Someone or something that gets in the way of the shot.
Cattle Call A general call for actors or extras.
Circus The area where the majority of trucks, trailers and catering are set up while filming on location.
Fire in the Hole When an explosion, fire or gunfire is used on-set. This is called out to let the crew know it is ready to go.
Flub To miss or screw up a line of dialogue.
Genny Generator. Very important to film production.
ITC Intermittent Traffic Control. ITC allows productions two to three minutes to stop traffic while doing a take.
On the Move Used when the crew is moving to a new location.
Walla A section of ambient sound that is layered into a film. Background sounds such as people in a restaurant or sports event.
Wrap Done for the day.