Strong Agricultural Roots Promotes Opportunities

Rich Agricultural Land

Maple Ridge boasts some of the richest agricultural land in Canada, generating substantial value from blueberries, dairy, nurseries and greenhouses. Maple Ridge has many opportunities—from small start-up farms to larger operations—and we are committed to maintaining our agricultural roots by growing our agri-food opportunities.

Agriculture has been an economic driver in Maple Ridge for decades. Since the late 1800’s, generations have been harvesting the bounty of our rich land. Maple Ridge ranks high among British Columbia’s municipalities in terms of agricultural production value and our total land area in the Agricultural Land Reserve is 3,782 hectares or approximately 15% of Maple Ridge's total area.
Maple Ridge is home to some of the largest blueberry and cranberry farms in the province, and also produces high-quality raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. We're also home to a local artisan cheese maker who showcases a great selection of cheeses made on the farm from their grass-fed jersey cows. Other notable contributors to the Maple Ridge agricultural diversity are: vegetable and herb nurseries; manure and topsoil farms; Christmas tree farms and an 18-acre pumpkin patch. Agri-tourism is also playing an increasingly important role in producing revenue.

If you’re interested in local food processing, Maple Ridge is within close proximity to local ports and the US border, providing access to consumers in North America and world-wide.

Check out Maple Ridge and find the new home for your agri-food business.