Growing Number of Manufacturing & Processing Companies

Emerging Hot Spot for Manufacturers

Maple Ridge is the obvious place to invest in advanced manufacturing, processing and high technology businesses. We offer affordable and available land, proximity to markets and a large skilled workforce. Our high quality lifestyle will also help you attract and retain the skilled and specialized workforce your business depends on.

Maple Ridge is attracting a growing number of cutting-edge manufacturers, research and development companies and the service companies and supply chain they rely on. Some of these business include:
  • research and development facilities
  • bio-energy companies
  • injection molding, custom fabrication and CNC machining services
  • equipment manufacturing
  • roofing materials and milling
  • marine and industrial manufacturing
  • custom lumber manufacturing
  • and software development
With over 300 hectares of industrial and employment land available, Maple Ridge is a draw for manufacturing businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking to grow your operations with a new location or start up a new business, Maple Ridge has the space for you.

Did You Know?

“Canadian sales in China are already significant. In 2016, Canada’s merchandise exports to China, alone, represented $21 billion. Forest and agricultural products, copper and iron ores and motor vehicles are of interest to buyers in China. Heading into 2018, there is also renewed interest for aerospace.

An increase in merchandise trade with China is expected to trigger demand for transportation and shipments. The growth opportunities in China aren’t limited to large Canadian companies, however. For small and medium-sized businesses, there’s plenty of opportunity across sectors, particularly in services.

Canada’s global service exports are forecast to grow 6% in 2018, and our Global Export Forecast suggests Canadian professional and management consultants will drive service trade..” HSBC, Corporate Survey