Boulevard Street Trees

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We advise that all trees located within the road right of way are owned by the City of Maple Ridge and Parks, Recreation & Culture are responsible for the care and maintenance of these street trees. With your assistance our neighbourhoods can be kept green and healthy with these few suggestions;

New young trees, surrounded by lawn benefit the most when a three foot circle of grass is removed and replaced with bark mulch or top soil. This tree circle helps with:
  1. Moisture retention and root protection.
  2. If the outside edge is built up slightly, it will act as a wall allowing water to seep down into the roots while hand watering during dry conditions.
  3. Lawn mowers and grass line trimmers are kept at a distance, protecting the bark from physical damage.
Tree Watering

Summer Heat and Tree Watering 

During the stretches of hot weather, we would like your help ensuring the survival of the young street trees in the community. It is beneficial that they receive 15 gallons of water twice a week. We ask for your assistance in watering the trees on the boulevard bordering your home or business. 

Residents can now purchase or place a returnable deposit on a slow-release watering bag from the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre for only $10 (up to two per household)! 
Other methods to keep trees watered during dry weather:
  1. A very slow trickle from a garden hose for four hours before 9:00 am or after 7:00 pm.
  2. A deep root watering attachment available from most nurseries.
  3. A five gallon pail with holes drilled in the bottom set under the tree to water slowly.
  4. A ring of mulch around the tree to keep the water in.