Park Development

Park Development

Parks, Recreation & Culture strives to provide residents with parks, trails and other recreation facilities that are:

  • thoughtfully designed
  • well maintained
  • meet the needs of our community

We do this by building new parks and improving our existing parks.

To view our Completed Projects, please visit our projects page.

  1. 241A ST & 112 Ave Park
  2. Albion Fairground Dog Off-Leash Area Improvements
  3. Beach Volleyball Courts
  4. Hammond Park Playground Replacement
  5. Kin Park Multi-Use Sports Court
  6. Thomas Haney Skateboard Park
  7. Thornhill Trails Study
  8. Trans Canada Trail

Current Phase

Phase One - Tsuyuki Park Naming and Legacy Honouring Event

October 23, 2023

Family members of Tokutaro and Tori Tsuyuki were joined by The City of Maple Ridge to unveil the new Albion Park signage and interpretation plaque that bears their name.

In addition to the unveiling of the park name and signage, relatives of the Tsuyuki family helped plant two flowering cherry trees beside the information plaque that honours their family’s history at this site. The park features a berry colour theme highlighting the Tsuyuki family’s agriculture past.

“Our community was built on the determination, passion and perseverance of people from around the world, like the Tsuyuki family,” said Mayor Dan Ruimy. “By naming Tsuyuki Park after them, we recognize not only their contributions and impact on our community and agricultural heritage, but the enduring legacy of all immigrants as they helped build the thriving, diverse and welcoming community of Maple Ridge today.”

Park Features Include:

  • Picnic and grassy areas 
  • A hillside playground, zipline and toddler play area 
  • Spray Park 
  • Sports court 
  • Scooter track 
  • Picnic shelter 
  • Washroom and plaza

231023-169Construction of Tsuyuki Park began in 2022, supported in part by a grant of $500,000 from the Canada Community Revitalization Fund to enhance the park's amenities, and a donation towards the spray park of $30,000 from the Kiwanis Club of Golden Ears.

Visit the museum website more information about the family story.

Read the news release for more event information.

An official celebration event of the new park will be planned for the Spring.

Project Timeline

Phase One - Now Open

Phase one of this new neighbourhood park at 241A Street and 112 Avenue is now open! 

This initial phase includes a number of exciting features for park-goers to enjoy, such as a picnic areas, a scooter track, hillside playground, zip line, toddler play area and sports court. The washroom building is currently being completed. This structure will also house the pump system for the splash pad feature that will be a popular part of this new neighbourhood park. Stay tuned for a grand opening announcement later this summer.

Phase One Opening - Coming Soon

Updated May 4, 2023

Construction is progressing at 241A Street and 112 Avenue in Albion!

The opening of this park will be completed in phases with the first occurring later this spring. This first phase will include the picnic shelter, scooter track, hillside playground, zip line, toddler play area and sports court.

The grand opening for this park will occur later on in summer once the washroom building and splash pad are completed. 

Please check back soon for the announcement of our phase one opening date. 

In the meantime, below are some recent photos from the construction site:

Construction Update - 241A & 112 Ave Park

Under Construction

The community's vision for this new neighbourhood park is coming to life! The property has been reshaped by the construction of paths, sports court and the scooter track, fencing, forms, trees, plants and new grass open spaces.

There are still more exciting things to come! This includes the installation of the key structures and play features. As we work towards opening the park to the public, we want to thank the community and neighbours for their ongoing support.

Check back soon for more information on the park opening timeline.Rendered 241A Ave & 112 St Park Design

Thank you to our community for all your feedback, which helped shape this park’s final design. The final park design includes a spray park and picnic shelter along with a playground, junior pump track, multi- sports court, pathways, games tables area, picnic areas and open lawn space.

Updated Concept Plan Community Consultation Period

Throughout March of 2022 we asked the community to review the updated park concept plan for this neighborhood park and provide feedback. Thank you for providing your valuable feedback on the concept plan.

Based on what we heard we will be making some changes to better suit the park design to its neighbourhood context. These changes will include:

  • Removing the parking lot in favour of more open park space
  • Relocating the washroom building to the east side of the park, away from 241A St., for the privacy of residents and park users 
  • Scaling down the washroom building to a compact two stall, fully serviced and universally accessible facility
  • Adding lines for two pickleball courts on the multi-use sports court
  • Swapping out the proposed concrete hill slide for a more traditional plastic hill slide

Thank you for your participation in our community engagement process for the upcoming 241A and 112 Ave park development! With your feedback, we will move towards preparing the design for construction which is planned for Summer of 2022. 

Questions and comments can also be directed to Melissa Coderre, Parks Planning Technician, at 604-467-7466 or by email to

Updated Timeline

In Spring of 2021 we collected community feedback on the concept plan for a new park at 241A Street in the Albion area. 

From the neighbourhood feedback we received on the preliminary concept plan and to deliver a complete neighbourhood park with the full range of amenities requested to serve this area of our growing community, we recognized the park development funding would need to be bolstered to realize this greater park vision. With this in mind we are re-assessing the budget funding and have made an application for a grant towards the park construction. We are currently awaiting a grant funding announcement.

An updated concept plan will be shared with the community when the scope of the project has been confirmed. Construction is anticipated to start in 2022.

Concept Plan Community Consultation Period

The Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation & Culture department hosted the second phase of community consultation for the design of a new neighbourhood park at 241A St & 112 Ave.

Residents were encouraged to review the Park Concept Plan and provide their feedback from March 8 to March 22. This plan was developed based on the desired amenities and programming that came out of the first community consultation. Thank you for all the comments, these will be use to further refine the park design.

Questions and comments can also be directed to Melissa Coderre, Parks Planning Technician, at 604 467-7466 or by email to

Community Consultation Results

Participants expressed that the park should be a space for youth in the neighborhood, with amenities for younger children and teens.

The top 5 amenities requested by you:

  1. Playgrounds & Swings
  2. Walking Pathways
  3. Open Lawn Area
  4. Picnic Area
  5. Basketball/Hockey Court

When asked to specify other amenities not listed on the survey, participants most often asked for the following:

  1. Water Play
  2. Features and design to increase walkability to and from the park
  3. Bike Park
  4. Safety features to secure the park

The next steps for our team will be to develop a park concept plan based on the feedback we've received. Please note that while all requested amenities will be considered, not all can be accommodated in the park plan.

Community Consultation

As part of the community consultation process we invited your feedback from October 1 to October 26, 2020. Through this time we’ve received nearly 140 comment form submissions. Thank you for your interest and feedback in this park development process.

Project Description

The Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation & Culture department will be engaging with the community to gather public feedback on the proposed new neighbourhood park at the south east corner of 241 A Street and 112 Avenue. We would like to hear from you on what desired amenities and features you would like to see in this neighbourhood park.

Due to Covid-19 we are encouraged residents to review the information panels and submit an online comment form to leave feedback regarding this project. We invited your feedback from October 1 to October 26, 2020

Questions and comments can also be directed to Chad Neufeld, Manager of Parks Planning & Development, at 604 467-7338 (ext. 2) or by email to

Project Location

South east corner of 241A Street and 112 Avenue Project Location Map (PDF)