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Welcome to the Fitness Centre at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre! We are currently open for registered timeslots.

Please note that masks are required in our facility at all times, including while exercising at your individual station. Please learn more on our Program Registration page

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Fitness Centre Safety Plan

PRC staff have developed a COVID-19 safety plan in response to the public health orders. Our COVID-19 safety plan still includes registered timeslots, physical distancing protocols and increased disinfection practices to help mitigate the spread of the virus. 

We are following the guidelines and recommendations set out by the Provincial Health Officer, our local health authority, BCRPA and Worksafe BC. 

Contact us via email with your feedback and questions. 

Mask Requirements

Masks must be worn at all times in our facility including the Fitness Centre (even while exercising at an individual station), Gymnasium, Aquatics area (pool deck and change area with the exception of the water) and common areas (lineups, hallways, lobby, entrances, etc). Read the Masks Required tab on our Program Registration Page for full details. 
Fitness Centre Safety Plan

Equipment, Machines & Amenities

Dumbells Barbells
4x Treadmills 2x Ellipticals
1x AMT Cross Training 1x Stair Mill
1x Step Climber 2X Rowers
2x Spin Bikes 1x Squat Rack
1x Smit Machine 1x Universal Multi-Machine
1x Seated Leg Curl Machine 1x Lat Pull Down Machine
1x Adjustable Cable Machine 2x Leg Press (decline & seated)
1x Assisted Pull Up/Dip Machine 1x Back Extension Bench
1x Preacher Curl 1x Decline Bench
2x Adjustable Benches 2x Recumbent Bikes
2x Upright Bikes Wheelchair Accessible Weight Machines (shoulder press, seated row, bicep and vertical bench press)
Variety of Strength Machines (chest press, hammer curl and more) 1 Large Stretching Zone
1x Squash Court (requires preregistration) 1x Racquetball Court (requires preregistration)