The primary mission of the Fire Department is the protection and preservation of life, property and the environment. This service is provided by a group of 53 dedicated paid-on-call firefighters, 54 full-time firefighters, a Fire Chief, a Deputy Fire Chief, four Chief Officers, a Training Officer, three administrative support staff and one information technology support staff.

Composite Model

The department operates on the basis of a composite model, integrating the rapid response of the career firefighters with the ability to quickly call out the paid-on-call firefighters for multiple / large-scale emergencies. This model is supported by the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief and Assistant Chiefs who respond on a rotational basis 24 hours per day, seven days per week to provide support at emergency scenes. This model provides a guaranteed level of response which can be quickly expanded to meet the needs of the emergency and is a responsible use of the city budget. The department relies heavily on cross-training and good communication to ensure that the department functions efficiently and effectively. The "how can we help" approach is emphasized in all areas of the department whether dealing with the administration staff, firefighters, officers or fire chiefs.


The department provides a proactive approach to fire services through the development of a Fire Department Master Plan and multiyear business plans. The Fire Department Master Plan is currently under review with anticipated completion in 2022.