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Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation & Culture encourages physical activity at all ages! From water fitness to weight training, we and our partners offer a full array of programs that are both drop-in and registered. Explore resources and programs for Seniors/Adults 55Y+ below!
  1. Choose to Move
  2. Ridge Meadows Seniors Society
  3. Super Seniors Discount
  4. Active Aging - Get Up and Go!
  5. On the Move With Parkinson's
  6. ActivAge

Choose to Move

The Choose to MoveTM program (funded through BCRRPA) helps participants 65Y+ to establish health habits of physical activity into your daily life in ways that make sense to you. Choose to Move is free, flexible and provides you with motivation and support to become more active. 

In Choose to Move, you receive both individual and group support. You will work with a trained activity coach to develop and stick to a physical activity plan made just for you. You choose activities that you know you will enjoy and are able to do!

You will also join a group of other Choose to Movers to share successes and challenges. With the help of your activity coach and support group, you will find the motivation and accountability you need to achieve your goals.

Contact Petra Frederick at for more information or view our latest Program Guide to view available programs for Seniors.

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