Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence Program

The Artist in Residence Program in Maple Ridge provides an opportunity for artists to create arts based community engagement on projects and activities that have a lasting impact in exchange for studio space (live in or studio formats). The program is based on principles of cultural development and community enrichment. Its purpose is to support artists and the community on topics of interest or concern and to provide the artist(s) with subsidized access to studio and/or live in space for a period of time. It allows artists to pursue their current art making directions and try new things without the constraints of studio and/or housing cost.

During each residency, the artist establishes a presence in the municipality and neighbourhood as appropriate. This will include spending time in developing a body of work, engaging the public with their practice and may lead workshops, demos and legacy projects within the arts centre, community centres, schools, neighbourhood and events/festivals as part of public programming. Each residency is based on a term (generally two to three years) with renewal in each year subject to successful evaluation for all parties. The project goal is to connect the public with the artists who will be living temporarily during the residency within Maple Ridge and to encourage artistic participation. The end result should be a lasting cultural impact upon the municipality and its residents.

We currently have two artists in residence - Kat Wahamaa at the Haney Residency and Robi Smith at the Fern Crescent Residency