Fern Crescent Residency - 23740 Fern Crescent


Artist Colleen Brown at Fern Residence

Location: 23740 Fern Crescent, Maple Ridge (below the Maple Ridge Lapidary Club)


Colleen Brown is an award-winning sculptor from Vancouver. Brown holds a BFA from Emily Carr University, a BA Psyc, Simon Fraser University and an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College, New York. Her recent solo exhibitions include, If you lie down in a field, she will find you there, Ranger Station Gallery; That Mountain is a Good Listener, Burrard Foundation and Low Pressure Idaho, Unit 17. She has participated in exhibitions and events at Living Lab, Emily Carr University; Cooper Cole, Toronto; Vancouver Art Gallery; Western Gallery, Bellingham; and Hedreen Gallery, Seattle. 

Colleen's first book, 'If you lie down in a field, she will find you there', will be published in the Fall of 2023 by Radiant Press.  

Colleen is a committed teacher. In the last few years, she has taught students of all ages, working with young children in galleries, with teens in the classroom and seniors as part of community-based work. She is an instructor at Emily Carr University, teaching Continuing Studies Department. 

Colleen is the General Manager of Vancouver Poetry House, a not-for-profit supporting spoken word artists. 

You are welcome and encouraged to get in touch with Colleen

You can follow Colleen’s work related to the residency at Fern Crescent Residency Facebook Page  

You can find out more about Colleen’s work on her website or follow Colleen on Instagram @colleen_v_brown


Calling all folks interested in arts-based projects! Explore the tabs below to get involved with Colleen's current projects.

  1. Little Box of What?
  2. Online/Digital Zoom Discussions

Colleen is very curious about Maple Ridge and excited to meet members of the community. If you are a member of a club or group who would like to get involved in the residency program or learn more about it, you can schedule Colleen to come speak with you. In the first year of her residency, Colleen can be scheduled to conduct drawing, collage and writing workshops. To find out more, contact Colleen at colleenvbrown@gmail.com.


Over three years, Colleen is going to facilitate group storytelling through pictures, words and performance. Year One will be all about close observation through drawing, writing, collecting and collaging. Year two will be all about building, arranging and assembling. And year three… that’s a long way away… some dance, some theatre, some costumes? We will see.