Haney Residency

Artist Kathryn Wahamaa at Haney Residency

Location: 11630 224 Street, Maple Ridge

Kat Wahamaa’s work has spanned over 40 years – artist, activist, singer, songwriter, community adventurer, actor, dancer, and poet. Her reverence for nature and water, life’s fundamental building block, are manifested in her photographs, multi-media collage and music. Happily ensconced in the historic Port Haney area artist residence overlooking the Fraser, her three year term began in April 2014.

Wahamaa seeks connection with people through sharing in art making and performance. She has discovered through her community conversations that water is also of great concern to citizens in Maple Ridge and through music, theatre and visual art is collaborating with them to map ways to address those concerns and daylight the stream.

Follow her progress and activities on her website or by email.

Residency Projects 2016:

In 2016 Kat continues to expand the discourse on water begun with WaterBody and work with community members through visualization and music to capture their fears, hopes, and dreams about water in words/text on a series of ephemeral banners and river stones that will make up elements of this growing art installation/musical production. She is also inviting community members to identify their favourite water soundscapes around the community in order to map those sacred spaces and add another layer of aural meaning to the project.

Kat will continue to host art and music making workshops at her Port Haney Studio, CEED Centre, libraries and other locations, and can also be found performing at local festivals and events.
Kat Wahamaa

"Art Can Change” Video featuring Robi Smith, Kat Wahamaa and Brandon Gabriel

Art Can Change

Residency Projects 2015:

Kat teamed up with Lina Azeez of Watershed Watch Salmon Society to facilitate a series of community dialogues on water. She composed a piece of music, engaged a group of community members and worked with them to create the performance art piece WaterBody and coordinated the World Water Day event at which WaterBody debuted on March 22, 2015.

As a local BC Culture Days Ambassador Kat facilitated Where The Light Gets In, a series of free photo/collage art workshops leading up to an exhibition for Culture Days at The ACT Arts Centre on September 27. Kat also produced the Outdoor Community Artline, monthly Songwriter Circles at the CEED Centre and facilitated art projects for Earth Day and GETI Fest. With the WaterBody Collective, she coordinated River Songs & Stories at the Haney Wharf for Rivers Day and Culture Days which included fellow artists in residence Robi Smith and Rebecca Fisher.