Tile Mosaics

Unveiling Date

: 2010 & 2011


Logging Industry - Abernethy & Lougheed Co. Mosaic
11997 224 Street, Maple Ridge, BC
Artist: Bruce Walther 2011

Berryland Canning Mosaic
11968 224 Street, Maple Ridge, BC
Artist: Ann Wilson 2011

Remembrance – War Mosaic
11887 224 Street, Maple Ridge, BC
Artist: Ann Wilson 2010

Materials Used

: High fired frost resistant porcelain or ceramic tiles. These tiles are from Italy, Spain, and Portugal

Funding/Contributing Partners

: City of Maple Ridge

Thomas Haney Mosaic

11841 224 Street, Maple Ridge, BC
Artist: Bruce Walther 2010

Youth & Recreation Mosaic
22348 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC
Artist: Bruce Walther

Service – For Home and Country
22347 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC
Artist: Ann Wilson

Stories Associated

As part of the City of Maple Ridge's Downtown Enhancement Project and to promote awareness of the rich history of the Maple Ridge, City staff worked closely with Maple Ridge Museum & Archives and the artist, Bruce Walther, to achieve the details in each mosaic.

Museum curator Val Patenaude helped identify the topics for the initial installations. “When we considered our options for these artworks it became clear that we needed to distill the entire community's human history to a few main themes. I hope that when people see the mosaics, they'll want more so that we can explore other elements of our community heritage."

Thomas Haney, a pioneer who gave his name to the core of our community and started the street system that we still have. The Haney family made major contributions at all levels to the development of the community. Features of this tile mosaic include Thomas Haney in the foreground and Haney House in the background, the old Port Haney waterfront with a paddle wheeler and historic buildings (Billy Miner Pub) that are still there.

Maple Ridge's spectacular scenery is well represented in the mosaics. The maple leaves in the four corners of each mosaic represent the trees that gave the community its name. The wavy gold line around the edge of each mosaic represents the Golden Ears Mountains; the green trees represent our magnificent green spaces and forests, while the two-tone blue rope represents the mighty Fraser River.