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How Maple Ridge Came to Be

Maple Ridge has a deep rooted historical past that dates back to the mid-1850s when the first settlers arrived. The earliest settlers in Maple Ridge were Hawaiians called Kanakas that were employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC).

Samuel Robertson was the first settler in Maple Ridge and came to Maple Ridge from Scotland, he was also an employee of the HBC.

John McIver, the first land owner in Maple Ridge, also came to Maple Ridge from Scotland when he was 19 years old on a supply ship bound for Fort Churchill on Hudson’s Bay. John McIver, along with his teen aged companion, Kenneth Morrison, started a long dangerous journey from Fort Churchill to Fort Langley by snowshoe and canoe. First Nations people along the route saved the party from starvation and freezing.

Maple Ridge has many neighbourhoods that have unique historical roots. Explore the many neighbourhoods of Maple Ridge for a look at the past, present and future.

Haney House Museum

Thomas Haney, with the help of Samuel Edge and Daniel Callaghan, built this home for his family in 1883. It was patterned after the Haney family home in Ontario. The Haney family and their descendants occupied the house until 1979 when the last occupants donated the home and property to District of Maple Ridge as a museum of family life. Mary Hawley Isaac, the last Haney descendant to live in the house, was well known for opening her home to tours and visitors, long before she donated the land, building and its contents to the District of Maple Ridge. In 1981, the building was opened to the public on a regular basis for tours. Haney House Museum also hosts an annual series of events including a Mother’s Day Tea and summer, Halloween and Christmas events.

Port Haney Heritage Walk

If you are looking for a heritage tour, the City of Maple Ridge has a self-guided Port Haney Heritage Walk. The walk connects the Port Haney area heritage sites on a scenic tour near the Fraser River. The walk is approximately 1.4 km one way and is moderately difficult with some inclines. Download the Port Haney Heritage Walk (PDF) brochure.

Historic Tile Mosaics

The City of Maple Ridge's Downtown Enhancement Project to promote awareness of the rich history of Maple Ridge. The City staff worked closely with the Maple Ridge Museum & Archives and the artist, Bruce Walther, to achieve the details of the history and scenery in each mosaic. Take a stroll through the town centre to view our Tile Mosaics.

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