Hops, Grapes & Spirits in Maple Ridge


Prost, Na Zdrowie!, Sante, KanPal, Salute, ¡Salud!

Craft Beer Revolution
For all the beer purveyors out there, Maple Ridge is in on the craft beer movement. Breweries are elevating the everyday beer to a new level and bringing back the forgotten beer styles with a new twist. Whether you like a classic lager, a frosty pilsner, a chocolatey stout or something a little more eccentric, make a stop in Maple Ridge on your next “Tap Tour”.

Visit the Maple Ridge Ale Trail. 

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Maple Ridge is in close proximity to over a dozen distilleries that make everything a connoisseur might desire: vodka, gin, whiskey, aperitifs, amaretto, rice wine, sherry and port.  Lower Mainland Distilleries.


Maple Ridge is in the Fraser Valley, an agricultural mecca with almost 30 vineyards and 15 wineries that produce some of the most applauded fruit and sparkling wines in the province.  Many of these wineries offer culinary experiences, fine dining, farm tours and tastings.  Fraser Valley Vineyards and Wineries.