10 Fun Date Ideas in Maple Ridge

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Make a Spark, Impress Your Date in Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is a beautiful city with the majestic mountains in the backdrop and the Fraser River glistening when the sun sets off in the distance. Maple Ridge has the all the ingredients to make date night magical. We have a few ideas to help your date go well. Stay traditional or take a risk and opt for something a little out-of-the-box.

1) No Need to Break Tradition
A typical dinner and a movie is a traditional and safe choice. Maple Ridge has live events at The ACT Arts Centre or a Cineplex Theatre is near by, as well as endless dining choices.

2) Eat in Harmony
Many of the pubs and restaurants in Maple Ridge have live music events throughout the week. If you add a heated patio overlooking the Fraser River at sunset then it sounds like a dream date in the making.

3) Flex Your Muscles
Go for a stroll or take a hike in one of the many parks in Maple Ridge. We have over 175 km of trails to choose from, including trails at a few of the most popular locations like Lower Cliff Falls, Kanaka Creek, Gold Creek Falls or a stroll on the dykes.

4) Explore the Farmers Market
This might be one of the best day dates around. Take in some music, enjoy tasty culinary treats and if the date is going well, purchase a few fresh ingredients to cook a meal together.

5) Trivia or Open Mic Night
Think you are the next best thing? Prove it! Take your date to an open mic night or a trivia night at a local pub or coffee house. Even if you don’t participate in the festivities, it will surely leave enough entertainment for you to enjoy.

6) Don’t Strike Out
Go bowling in Maple Ridge! This is a classic date that often gets forgotten. It invites some friendly competition and keeps the conversation rolling.

7) Get Lost and Be Amazed
Go for a visit at the Laity Farm and wander through the one acre corn maze. Enjoy a variety of concession snacks or a hot drink while you explore the farm.

8) Turn Up the Heat
Take your date to a cooking class at Golden Ears Cheesecrafters and strut your stuff showing off your culinary talents. Warm up and get cozy in the kitchen, then enjoy your creation together.

9) Oh Shucks!
Chameleon Café, it’s trendy and romantic. Enjoy an innovative cocktail with some fresh shucked oysters in the lounge or move into the elegant dining room for a little candle-lit romance. Look out for their daily specials and happy hour times for ‘buck a shuck’.

10) Picnic at the Beach
A true classic. Toss your blanket down at a local beach or on the scenic river and enjoy some handcrafted sandwiches bought from one of Maple Ridge’s many artisan bakeries. Afterwards, just lay back and enjoy the sunset or sounds of nature.