Sport Network

Sport Network

Why Join the Sport Network

One of the priorities of “the Strategy” refers to "Leadership and Involvement". One of the first action items in the Strategy is to form a Sport Network comprised of representatives from Maple Ridge sport organizations, School District 42, Health Authority and other key individuals who are passionate about sport and physical activity. The group will provide leadership, provide an advisory function and will foster an inclusive sport and physical activity community.

Some benefits to being part of the Sport Network:

  • Access to the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre and other facilities
  • Team training opportunities (yoga, spin, aqua)
  • Meeting rooms for board meetings and annual general meetings
  • Promotion opportunities in the seasonal recreation guide
  • Recognition of your athletes or sport
  • Sport development (networking, sharing resources, think tank)

How to Join the Sport Network

If you are interested in joining the sport network please email us or call 604-467-7308.

Our Priorities

The Maple Ridge Sport & Physical Activity Strategy consists of seven priority goal statements that guide the overall direction of the Strategy.

Priority 1 - Strengthen Interaction Between Sport Delivery Agencies

Maple Ridge is a model of cooperation and collaboration among government and non-governmental organizations in the delivery of sport in this community.

Priority 2 - Enhance Physical Literacy (Fundamental Movement Skills)

Every individual in Maple Ridge, regardless of age, will be physically literate and have the fundamental movement and sport performance skills to enjoy sport and physical activity to the best of their ability.

Priority 3 - Exceptional Facilities for Participation and Performance

There will be an adequate number and quality of sport facilities to support expanding participation and ability to host sport events.

Priority 4 - Leadership and Community Involvement

Maple Ridge will have sufficient number and quality of volunteers and staff who are skilled in coaching, officiating, and administering sport systems.

Priority 5 - Accountability

Maple Ridge staff will monitor and report back to Maple Ridge Council and other key stakeholders on the strategy goals and actions.

Priority 6 - Inclusion and Diversity

Maple Ridge provides opportunities for all residents to access affordable sport and recreation activities, and is recognized for its inclusivity of people with disabilities, visible minorities, and financial challenges.

Priority 7 - Communication

Citizens of Maple Ridge are aware of and understand the key benefits of participation in sport and physical activity.