Street Banners - Selected Designs

Following on the success of 2017 designs for Canada’s 150th celebration, the City of Maple Ridge continued the Street Banner Program to help beautify and brighten the urban landscape and celebrate the creative talents in our community! The banners are installed on major streets throughout the City for approximately 12 months. Each year, designs that reflect a chosen theme are selected by a jury through an open call or invitation process.

2018 Theme:

Our community is rich in natural assets and surrounded by Nature from mountains to rivers and streams and parks. Designs should celebrate nature in Maple Ridge. Congratulations to our four winners! Learn a bit more about their work and inspiration below.


Norma Jean Phillips

“I love living and working in Maple Ridge. There is such natural beauty surrounding our city, it is a perfect inspiration for my paintings. When the theme of "Nature" was chosen for the city banners, I was pleased and motivated to paint a flower, which we have in abundance, and bees, which we need in abundance.”


Keira Vlek

“My name is Keira Violet Vlek. I am 9 years old. I live in Maple Ridge with my dad and my sister. My favourite things to do are art and gymnastics. I chose to draw an owl because I was in my art class and we were going to draw owls for another thing than first we were going to draw the banners.”

Annika Laundrup

“Hello my name is Annika Laundrup and I am 12 years old. My inspiration for my banner came from one of my best friends, Julia. She gave me the banner design form and she helped me with the idea. While I worked on my first banner design I drew a stag silhouette, so Julia suggested I do a cougar crouched above it. We both decided to finish our banners later, but when I left her house I forgot to get my banner. So then on the extra copy I had, I decided to do just the cougar looking down on Maple Ridge because last year a cougar killed most of my neighbours chickens along with their turkey. So I decided to add that to the idea of drawing a cougar on a cliff.

I live with 2 cats, a dog, my snake and our aquarium full of fish so I really wanted to do an animal in my picture. I love drawing and painting animals, dragons specifically, and I do a painting class every week with my other friend, Mariana. I also like to read fantasy books like The Land of Stories, The Hunger Games, Wings of fire, and Harry Potter. I get a lot of my inspiration from what I read. In the end it all comes back to Julia who gave me the inspiration in the first place.”


Liliana Rincón

“Being surrounded by mountains is one of the great privileges of living in Maple Ridge. It is a delight each time you find a scenic view of the mountains, whether you walk or drive through the city. I particularly love the Golden Ears views from Dewdney Trunk Road, between 232 and 236 Streets. I digitally recreated my favorite picture, from the many photos that I have taken from there, for the contest. It was a perfect day; the sky was absolutely blue; the little wild flowers were blooming; and snow was still in the mountains. I wanted to share the joy and peace that I feel every time I enjoy that landscape. We are very fortunate to live here!”

Liliana Rincón is a Publicist, with an emphasis on Marketing who has many years of experience in Colombia, her native country. Liliana moved to Canada in 2009, with her husband and her baby daughter, and all her energy has been focused on her family during all this time. She now works as a volunteer at the BC SPCA - Maple Ridge, enjoying two of her passions: animals and photography. She has also been working on her own entrepreneur projects, and she is currently getting ready to work again in her field.