Alternative Approval Process

On Monday, February 19, at 4:00 pm, the Alternate Approval Process (AAP) deadline passed. The Corporate Officer for the City of Maple Ridge has done a count of the signatures on the Elector Response Forms. None of the borrowing bylaws associated with the eight proposed community facility projects received enough signatures to meet the minimum threshold of 10% (5,828) of the eligible electors. This means they are considered to have ‘Elector Approval’ under section 86 of the Community Charter.

The number of signatures received for each project was:
  1. Maple Ridge Leisure Centre Renovation: 1,069 (1.8%)
  2. Telosky Stadium Synthetic Fields: 1,270 (2.2%)
  3. Albion Community Centre: 1,331 (2.3%)
  4. Silver Valley Neighbourhood Gathering Places: 1,508 (2.6%)
  5. Hammond Community Centre Renovation: 1,254 (2.2%)
  6. Whonnock lake Canoe and Kayak Facility Improvement: 1,320 (2.3%)
  7. Maple Ridge Secondary School Track Facility Upgrades: 1,244 (2.1%)
  8. Ice Sheet Addition: 1,501 (2.6%)